Newington (1)

Brace/Stephan House
1349 Main Street

*As on 4/12/2010, this house is no longer listed on the Trail’s website.

Here’s what I get online: “A stop on the Underground Railroad. Currently a private home and not open to the public.” Nothing more. Here’s my picture of it from across the street:

The house is not even located anywhere interesting. Newington isn’t all that interesting. I guess that’s it.

4 responses to “Newington (1)”

  1. Fred Stephan says:

    The spelling of the name is Brace/Stephan

  2. Steve says:


    I just love how I got a comment on this page, perhaps the one most devoid of any pertinent information.

  3. Gina says:

    Newington is quite interesting historically. You should do your research before you dismiss historical sites. The house on Main Street is a very lovely old home. The photo does not do it justice. If you bothered to contact anyone, you might just learn something.

  4. Steve says:

    Gina –

    I appreciate your hometown pride, I really do. I wish you spent more time here to educate me, because as I mentioned, there is scant info online.

    I don’t like taking up close and intrusive pictures of private homes, hence the bad picture.

    At any rate, Gina, next time you visit please spend more than 2 minutes here. There are hundreds of other pages that might show you that I have learned a few things here and there.

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