Greenwich Walking Tour (6)

Sadly, this walking tour does not take one past the mansions of the rich and famous, which you’d expect in Greenwich. Or maybe all the hedge fund manager foreclosures. Perhaps that trail is in the making, so for now we’ll enjoy this one.

The Tour:

1. Greenwich Arts Center
2. The Bruce Museum and Science Center
3. Delamar Greenwich Harbor
4. South Arch St. Ferry dock
5. Roger Sherman Baldwin Park
6. Greenwich Common

One response to “Greenwich Walking Tour (6)”

  1. Laura says:

    The Bruce Museum has been mentioned to me three separate times in the past week by different people having nothing to do with each other.

    EVERY time I imagine it’s all about guys named Bruce knowing full well it isn’t.

    This is a secret internet confession: While science, alchemy and art are fascinating, I’d bypass them in a flash to partake in a museum tour all about guys named Bruce.

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