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Classics from the Archives

great captain

Southernmost Point in Connecticut

Then Things Really Went South Great Captain's Island, Greenwich August 4, 2012 [This directional extreme was visited in Dagobah-like humidity during the Connecticut Extreme Geo-Tour 2012 with the most excellent Tom from Twelve-Mile Circle and the equally excellent Scott from The Scenic Drive. The were the … [Read More...]


144. The Peters Railroad Museum

Dave Peters: CTMQ Hero Wallingford (Google Maps location undisclosed) November 25, 2009 All aboarrrrd! Jump down to a few newer (2013) pictures if you wish... All aboard the Peters Rail Road Museum bandwagon. There’s plenty of room right now, but once this page gets read and zipped around, it may be too … [Read More...]

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CT Hops for Hope Brewfest!

There are a lot of good things going on in CTMQ-land in 2015. This here brand new site redesign, talks with publishing houses, some good press, my 300th CT museum visit... But all those things combined pale in comparison to my involvement with the inaugural Connecticut Hops for Hope Brewfest. I am proud to be closely … [Read More...]


Food & Drink

I can't remember how started writing pages on food - I think with just curious foods or places to eat unique to Connecticut. Then I found some lists that seemed fun and I went a little bonkers. Especially since writing about food is pretty difficult. Over the years I've started and abandoned a few food lists. … [Read More...]

A summer dawn at the Macricostas Preserve along the Meeker Trail

Connecticut Hiking Challenges & Rewards

Bring Them On! If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a sucker for hiking challenges. Peak-bagging and high-pointing and red-lining get me more excited than you'd ever believe. There are a slew of such challenges all over New England, New York – as well as all over the country and world. I'm very keen on … [Read More...]