XIII. Other Largests, Longests, Mosts & Tallests

Oh sure, you can find some Largests here and there around the blog, but most of these do fall into their own unique category here in Curiosities. Some of these seem pretty arbitrary, but trust me that there is an at least moderately interesting story behind the title.

The Largest Colonial Building, Aetna Rogers Building, Hartford
The Largest Casino in North America, Foxwoods, 5/25/2008
World’s Largest Jack-in-the-Box, Middletown, 1/2/2009
World’s Largest Wacky Wobbler, Middletown, 1/2/2009
World’s Most Expensive Chocolate, Norwalk
World’s Largest Dairy Store, Newington/Norwalk/Danbury
World’s Largest Natatorium, New Haven (Yale)
World’s Most Powerful Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator, New Haven (Yale)

North America’s Largest casino: Foxwoods in Ledyard


Tallest Building, CitiPlace in Hartford
Largest clock tower in New England, Waterbury-Republican building, Waterbury
Tallest Resident, Manute Bol, West Hartford (RIP)
The Largest Public Telescope in New England, CCSU, New Britain
Largest mechanical Pipe organ in CT, First Presbyterian Church, Stamford
Flagzilla, giant US flag at the US Coast Guard Academy, New London
World’s Largest Planetarium Dome, Montville (Mohegan Sun)
Largest Elevator Test Shaft in US, Bristol
Largest Agricultural Volunteer Fair in the US, Durham Fair, Durham
Longest Town Green in US, Lebanon Green

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